The Rooftop Terrace

  • “Creating a bit of order and harmony from the outset goes a long way”

    “The Rooftop Terrace was our most ambitious project to date”

    Garden Design

    The garden design for the Rooftop Terrace needed to work at height. The terrace was set up above a Sheffield Street and would be used in the evenings as much as in the daytime.

    Garden Furniture

    The garden furniture included reclaimed planting pots and a space set aside for the barbecue. At the night, the garden would be lit with a bespoke lighting system and during the day it would feel enclosed and private. The Rooftp Terrace was our most ambitious project to date.

    Planting Philosophy

    The planting needed to be hardy and decorative. It needed to compliment the garden design and look good both at night and during the day.

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